Solar Power

SolarKing is in the business of providing solar-powered lighting solutions which are reliable and cost-effective. In order to obtain the desired reliability we use only top-quality LED lights in our products. Each system is carefully configured to provide years of trouble-free lighting.


We strive to be great at a few things rather than accepting being average at a lot of things. Therefore, as of this time we focus only on the solar-powered systems listed below:



Solar Power Mailbox Lighting SystemsOur patented solar-powered motion-activated Mailbox lighting system (The CBU LightTM)


Solar Power Park, Playgournds, Sport CourtPark, Playground and Sport-court lighting systems (component patent pending)


Solar Power Monument and SignMonument/Sign lighting systems (component patent pending)


Solar Power Ramada and GazeboRamada/Gazebo lighting systems



Solar Power Pathways and SidewalksPathway/Sidewalk lighting systems (component patent pending)


Solar Power IrrigationIrrigation Controller Power System



Erik: Mobile:  623-780-9800


Sivert: Mobile:  602-920-7890



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