SolarKing’s Solar-Powered Ramada Lighting System

SolarKing’s solar-powered Ramada lighting system is designed to provide a reasonable amount of lighting under
Ramadas for the purposes of eating, reading, or visiting. Using the latest in LED technology, the system is rugged and
reliable and great-care has been taken to make the system as vandalism-resistant as possible. The systems are
typically set to operate for 4 - 6 hours after dark but they are capable of year-round dusk-to-dawn operation.
System components:
  • Solar-module – 45-watt

  • Solar-module is mounted on the south-side of the roof and typically has a polycarbonate shield over it

  • Morningstar Sunlight 10L system controller

  • Battery – typically 55AH sealed-lead-acid battery

  • Battery and controller enclosure typically mounted on a Ramada column in a southwest-colored NEMA 3
    enclosure that has tamper-resistant bolts holding the steel cover on

  • LED Light-bricks – 54-LED light-brick with 3/8” break-resistant lens in a steel-surround for protection

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