The objective with SolarKing's Park Lighting System is to maximize the amount of light available in a small park or play-ground area within the constraints of  reasonably-sized and priced solar-powered lighting.

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The Park Lighting System is based on a patented lighting system developed by
SolarKing and is typically configured with two (2) thirty-watt solar modules, one or more batteries, a controller (which contains a charge controller, a low-voltage disconnect circuit, and an adjustable timer), a motion-sensor, and a 36-watt compact fluorescent light.


The use of an adjustable timer will allow the light to be set to operate for a certain number of hours after dusk and activate again a certain number of hours before dawn (e.g., turn off three hours after dusk and turn-on one hour before dawn). 
The motion sensor utilized in the Park Lighting System will activate the light during the time between dusk-to-dawn when the light is not activated by the timer.

The motion sensor can be set to keep the light on for up to twelve minutes per activation and will stay activated as long as there is movement within the area of coverage.  The use of timers and motion sensors enables a brighter light to be used than if the system was operational on a dusk-to-dawn basis.

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