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Several years ago SolarKing recognized the need for a custom-designed lighting system for CBUs (cluster box units) and to satisfy this need we have developed a patented solar-powered, motion-activated lighting system that has been installed in Arizona and California to rave reviews!


The CBU LightTM is the end result of a significant amount of design and testing and we are very pleased by the fact that virtually all of our sales of The CBU LightTM are from repeat customers or referrals from delighted customers.



“Cluster” mailboxes are generally located “around-the-corner and out-of-sight” since no-one wants cars stopping, car-doors slamming, and junk-mail falling in front of their house on a 24/6 basis.



Because of this, mailboxes are often placed in locations that are not very well lit and residents must get their mail under less-than-optimal lighting conditions.



In the past, residents and HOAs have had little choice other than to put up with the poorly lit mailboxes or pay for expensive high-voltage lighting to be installed.



With The CBU LightTM not only does the customer not have to deal with the costs and disruptions associated with the saw-cutting and trenching of streets and sidewalks typically required to “import” high-voltage power/lighting to the monument/sign, they also don’t have the costs associated with high-voltage wiring, conduit and metering and, of course, there’s never any charge for electricity when using solar-power!



SolarKing designed The CBU LightTM with the following objectives in mind:



. Our mailbox lighting systems have to look great as well as work great. No resident or HOA wants an industrial-looking fixture towering over the mailboxes in their neighborhood.
.Our custom-designed one-piece thermoformed light housing that is an integral part of our patented lighting system looks great and fits in well with all neighborhoods.


. Additionally, due to the positioning of the light and the softness of LED lighting there is never a problem with light “trespass” into backyards or windows.



. The use of LED (light emitting diode) lights eliminates any need to replace bulbs or ballasts (LED lights have a 10+ year life cycle).




. The use of over-sized maintenance-free batteries which are mounted in the light-housing to minimize the likelihood of vandalism/theft.




. The use of unbreakable solar modules (when available) and other quality components which are manufactured by major US based companies.




. Given the fact that mailbox lighting is often a nice-to-have feature versus a necessary-to-have requirement, our systems are designed to provide years of maintenance-free service at a minimum of cost. That being said, we do not cut costs by using sub-standard lighting, modules, or controllers since our ultimate objective of delighting our customers can only be achieved with the best balance of durability, performance, and cost. 

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