Solar-Powered Irrigation Controller Power System

SolarKing’s solar-powered irrigation controller power system is designed to provide a reliable power-source for
irrigation controllers. Often there’s an electrical meter that is providing power for just the irrigation controller and
there’s typically a meter ‘rental’ fee of $25 - $35 per month in addition to the electricity cost. These costs add up
year-after-year with no end in sight! SolarKing’s system is protected by US Patent 8096439.
System components:
  • Solar-module – 45-watt (typical)

  • Solar-module is tilt-mounted facing south on a pole

  • Morningstar Sunsaver 6L system controller

  • 12VDC to 24VAC converter (irrigation controllers typically operate off of 24VAC power)

  • Battery – 55AH sealed-lead-acid battery (typical)

  • Battery typically placed at grade or below ground in SolarKing’s patented flood-proof underground battery container

(Note: pictures taken prior to removal of electrical meter)

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